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Air Canada is Canada's largest airline, with a wide selection of flights, quality aircrafts and friendly service. They have been awarded the ‘Best International Airline in North America’ award multiple times and offer a selection of flight deals with Webjet. Striving to provide travelers with premium comfort, technology and innovation, they have an ever-growing fleet reflecting their motivation to be at the forefront of the aviation industry.

Pre-Flight Information

Online Check-In

Air Canada lets passengers check in wherever they are through their Mobile Check-In, at least 24 hours before their flight. For domestic flights within Canada, check-in is asked to be at least 45 minutes prior to the departure of their flight and for international flights at least 60 minutes prior to departure. To access mobile check-in, just visit

During mobile check-in customers can choose to receive their boarding pass electronically, straight to their mobile device, select their preferred seat, indicate the number of bags they have to check-in, pay any excess baggage fees, make a same-day change and more. 

Air Canada App

The Air Canada mobile app allows both Apple iOS and Android users to access boarding passes, receive notifications about their flights, stream movies, TV shows, music and more.


Air Canada offers options for both carry-on and domestic baggage depending on your flight class and optional extras.

Carry-On Baggage

Regardless of your destination, Air Canada allows passengers to carry on 1 standard article and 1 person article. Standard articles, such as small suitcases, must fit within the dimensions 55cm (21.5 inches) x 23cm (9 inches) x 40cm (15.5 inches). Personal articles, such as handbags, must fit within the dimensions 33cm (13 inches) x 16cm (6 inches) x 43cm (17 inches). 

International Checked Baggage

For adults travelling with Air Canada, the first check-in bag is free with a maximum weight of 23 kilogram (50 lb). For a second bag, there is a charge of $100 CAD/USD and for each extra bag after that, there is a charge of $225 CAD/USD. For bags that are overweight, there are charges of $100 CAD/USD. These same restrictions apply to Infants and children between the ages of 0-11 years, parents also being allowed to check-in strollers, car seats or playpens.


Departing from

Airfare Specials

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Maple Leaf Club

As a Maple Leaf Club member, traveler’s can enjoy a range of benefits such as Priority Check-In and access to 230 lounges worldwide. Memberships come at an annual fee to ensure passengers are provided with refined comfort, privileges and business facilities.

In-Flight Experience

In-Flight Entertainment

Air Canada offers 1000 hours worth of entertainment options onboard, with 340 movies, 500+ TV shows, 100 music and podcasts. Entertainment is available in 15 different languages.

On select North American, Caribbean and international flights, Air Canada offers Wifi to allow travelers to email, browse the web, access social channels and stream TV shows and movies during their flight. To save on costs, passengers are advised to purchase Wi-Fi prior to take-off, with subscriptions and 1-hour passes available. Travelers are also able to purchase Wi-Fi connection once on board.

Air Canada passengers are able to pre-order or purchase on board Duty free items when travelling internationally. When pre-ordering, purchases must be made at least 4 business days prior to take-off and are delivered to your seat on board. Duty-free purchases can also be made on board when departing from or arriving in Canada.


Air Canada Bistro has a wide range of meals and snacks on offer, all chosen to ensure quality and freshness. When travelling in Economy Class within North America or the Caribbean, Air Canada has hearty and nutritious breakfast options, both cold and hot meals on flights departing after 10pm and fresh Lavazza coffee, tea and juice on the house. By making your purchase prior to take-off, travelers can save up to 35%* on meals and beverages. All purchases of food and beverages made on board are payable via Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

On all direct, non-stop international flights a complimentary meal service is offered and when passengers travel on direct international flights that stop in Canada, they will be offered a complimentary meal and snack on the domestic portion of their flight.

Cabin Classes

International Economy Class

The Air Canada International Economy Class experience includes complimentary wines, spirits and a selection of meals with access to hours of in-flight entertainment on a personal 8.9" touch-screen TV. Seats are equipped with adjustable, foldable headrests for a better sleeping experience and travelers are also provided with a well-sanitised, pre-packaged pillow and blanket.

The Economy Class menu consists of a pre-packed meal box with hot meal, side salad, bread roll and dessert, on select flights a mid-flight sandwich is served and for flights to Europe, hot snacks are provided. Bottled water, Lavazza coffee and black tea, a range of soft drinks and bottles of red or white wine are all included in the bar service provided by Air Canada.

International Premium Rouge

The International Premium Rouge Class experience has a number of exclusive features such as an increase in checked baggage allowance to two bags weighing up to 32 kilograms each, a larger seat with increased legroom and more recline, priority check-in and boarding and access to the wireless in-flight streaming service on a complimentary iPad.
International Premium Rouge travelers have access to premium hot meals and a selection of wine, spirits, beverages and snacks.

Signature Class

The Air Canada Signature Class experience is focused on providing passengers with a premium travel experience, available on aircrafts such as the Boeing 787, 777 and 767 aircraft and our Airbus A330 aircraft. With their own check-in counters, expedited security clearances, lounge access, exclusive boarding lanes, priority baggage handling and more, those travelling in Air Canada’s Signature Class will experience a seamless airport experience.

The Signature Class cabin features executive or classic pods, with added lumbar support and massage functions which also extend into a lay-flat bed. Passengers are provided with a sanitized and clean pillow, duvet and mattress pad and a complimentary amenity kit. Travelers can also expect a CleanCare+ kit, containing masks, antiseptic wipes and hand sanitizer.

Within this service, all-inclusive meals are crafted by Air Canada’s culinary partners, serving travelers with hot casserole, appetizer, salad, dessert and a bread roll, cheese and crackers. The drink service consists of bottled water, Perrier, Lavazza coffee, black tea, soft drinks, beer, red & white wine and Laurent-Perrir champagne. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Air Canada formed?

Air Canada is the national airline of Canada and bears the renowned maple leaf flag. Originating from the Canadian federal government in 1936 as Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA), it began transcontinental flights in 1938. It was renamed to what it is known today as Air Canada in 1965.

How can passengers select their own seats?

There are two ways Air Canada passengers are able to select their seat ahead of their flight.

  1. Upon booking a new flight with Webjet, you are able to take advantage of the advance seat selection when placing your booking.
  2. If travelers choose not to choose advance seat selection, they are able to choose the best seat that is available by checking in 24 hours prior to their departure through the Air Canada website by visiting the My Bookings tab of the Air Canada homepage, retrieve their booking and select the ‘Change seats’ link. Alternatively, travelers can select their seats at the check-in time at the airport.

Advance seat selection does come included in some flight bookings, however, some do have fees that apply.

What does Air Canada do to reduce their impact on the environment?

By partnering with less Emissions, Air Canada is striving to offset the CO2 emissions generated through their flights. Travelers can choose to purchase offsets to mitigate the CO2 emissions that come associated with their flight and allow them to support carbon reduction programs in both Canada and developing countries.

AIr Canada has also adopted more fuel-efficient processes, especially when it comes to take-off, landings, during taxiing and ground delays, more efficient flight plans to reduce fuel consumption and expand their recycling program on-board.

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Booking Price Guarantee Fee Domestic $12.95, New Zealand $14.95, International $21.95
Payment Fees Variable depending on payment method.
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