Change or Cancel My Booking

If you wish to redeem travel credit provided to you by an airline, we ask that you first familiarise yourself with the airline’s policy before submitting a request. For the latest information on impacted travel plans, and to learn more about redeeming travel credit or to contact us, please visit our Support page

Tip: There is no additional Webjet service fee (already paid as part of your initial booking) to process your change or cancellation request via this page or accessing our Messaging service on support page. Important to note that airline fees may be applicable.

Please make a selection from the options below

Car Rental Booking

To proceed with cancelling or changing your car hire booking you will need your Email Address (used to make the booking) and Car Hire Booking Reference (Reference starts with IM). Click on the button below to proceed. Alternatively refer to your booking confirmation documentation for the appropriate contact phone number.

Things To Do (Tours & Activities) Booking

To cancel or change your "Things To Do" booking you will need to contact the customer care team of our suppliers.

For bookings made prior to 15 June 2023
Please contact Viator directly. You will need your email address (and optional product name, product code and itinerary reference of your tour/activity).
Please refer to your documentation for contact details.

For bookings made on or after 15 June 2023
You will need your Klook order number, pin code and family name as indicated on your confirmation email. Click the radio button below to manage your booking.

Note: Travel Insurance

For changes or cancellations to travel insurance policies, you will need to contact your insurance provider directly. To find out more, please visit our Travel Insurance Alerts page. Alternatively, refer to your Insurance policy documentation for the appropriate contact phone number.

  • purchased on or before 31 January 2020 need to contact Allianz.
  • purchased on or after 1 February 2020 need to contact CoverMore.


By selecting which items you wish to change or cancel it will help make the process as fast and simple as possible.

The fastest way of getting in touch with us is via messaging on our support page: Webjet phone number: 1800 935 929