Benefits of Advertising with Webjet

Rated Hitwise # 1 Travel Agency

‘Hitwise' rankings provide an instant overview of key industry players. Webjet consistently remained #1 in the travel agency category for over 12 months and is pulling away from all major competitors.

Target in excess of 4 million active unique travellers per month

Communicating with Webjet users gives you a highly engaged audience, who are either booking imminent travel or planning future trips. Their focus is on travel and all that it encompasses. Detailed information, savings and deals are hot property on our site!

Access a database of active Australian Newsletter subscribers

With an ever expanding Australian database, Webjet can pinpoint users who are actively subscribing and therefore eager to receive travel tips, offers and exciting news regarding current travel options and trends. We currently have a database of 2 Million plus active subscribers

Capture 10 million pedestrian eyeballs a week with 736 Shopping Centre TV screens nationwide

In order to enhance your brand's reach, Webjet offers an exciting media channel which targets potential customers during their everyday life, driving them to visit our website and book with Webjet.


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