Business Class Flights from Sydney to Hong Kong

Compare Business Class Flights from Sydney to Hong Kong

Like to stretch out when you travel overseas? Use our handy deal finder to find the lowest Business Class airfares to Hong Kong from Sydney in Australia. Whether you need to travel next week or next month, you can compare prices by day and airlines over the next five months.

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Frequent Flyer Mabuhay Miles Qantas One World Golden Lotus Last Search
Mon 08-Feb $4,418 $3,678 $5,246 $3,494 30-Jan
Tue 09-Feb $3,678 $5,244 $4,202 27-Jan
Fri 12-Feb $4,350 $3,678 $5,258 $9,092 26-Jan
Sun 14-Feb $3,678 $5,556 $3,250 28-Jan
Mon 15-Feb $5,588 $5,372 01-Feb
Tue 16-Feb $3,694 $5,578 27-Jan
Thu 18-Feb $4,000 $3,678 $5,600 $3,006 27-Jan
Fri 19-Feb $3,678 $5,586 $7,894 $11,580 $3,006 27-Jan
Sun 21-Feb $3,694 $5,586 $4,490 $3,948 05-Feb
Mon 22-Feb $4,506 $3,678 $6,192 $3,006 26-Jan
Tue 23-Feb $3,678 $3,250 26-Jan
Wed 24-Feb $3,678 $5,540 $3,240 04-Feb
Thu 25-Feb $3,994 $3,678 $5,586 $2,996 04-Feb
Fri 26-Feb $4,048 $3,694 $2,996 04-Feb
Sat 27-Feb $3,694 $2,996 01-Feb
Sun 28-Feb $6,466 $3,984 $3,678 $5,584 $4,396 04-Feb
Mon 29-Feb $4,112 $3,694 $5,540 $2,996 04-Feb

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