Canada's Top Cities

Some would describe Australia as 'Canada with better weather' - and they'd be right. Canada and Australia are very similar. Relatively young democracies (by historical standards), multicultural, large geographic land masses with proportionally few inhabitants, resource rich, etc. Given these commonalities it's not surprising so many Australians journey to Canada's cities and national parks for a holiday - be it in summer or winter.

Halifax - Atlantic Gateway to Canada

Steeped in history, Halifax is a modern port city and the capital of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia. Its international airport is one of the primary points of entry for tourists wishing to explore Canada's picturesque Atlantic Provinces.

Halifax - Things to See & Do

Holiday Attractions a bit further away from Halifax...


Montreal - Canada with a French Twist

Montreal, the second largest french speaking city on the planet (after Paris) is a skiing and ice hockey paradise in the winter and an outdoor events destination of choice in the summer. With historic Quebec City and the Gaspe Peninsula within reach by rental car, Montreal and the province of Quebec have a lot to offer travellers wanting to experience a North American holiday... with a french twist!

Things to See & Do in Montreal

Ski Resorts Near Montreal

With the exception of Mont Tremblant which is quite a large mountain, Montreal's ski resorts are similar to Australia's top end resorts - smaller than Thredbo but with plenty of runs and heaps of snow. So if you find yourself in Montreal during the winter, make a trip to the snow. A word of caution though... be prepared for the cold!

Quebec City - Where Old Europe meets North America

Quebec City is the aptly named capital of the province of Quebec, Canada's only french speaking province. A much smaller city than Montreal, it retains its old world European charm and distinct French character while providing travellers with all the modern amenities they could wish for.

Things to See & Do in Quebec City

Quebec City Ski Resorts

Ottawa - Canada's Capital

Along the shores of the Rideau Canal and Gatineau River lies the city of Ottawa - Canada's capital and one of the country's major cultural centres. Home to the Canadian Parliament, Ottawa abounds with museums and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Things to See & Do in Ottawa

Toronto - Canada's Metropolis

You've heard of the CN Tower and of Niagara Falls, arguably two of Canada's better known tourist attractions - both closely associated with Toronto, Canada's largest city. But did you know Toronto is the launching pad to many holiday outings - from a reknowned Shakespeare Festival to leisurely canoe trips in gorgeous natural settings? Discover Toronto, Canada - a great travel destination for the whole family.

Things to See & Do in Toronto (& surrounding areas)

Calgary - Welcome to Canada's Wild West

Everything's bigger in Calgary - big cowboy hats, big belt buckles, big trucks... And things are only getting bigger with a booming petrol fueled economy! With the rocky mountains beckoning in the distance with Banff and Jasper National Parks only a day's drive away, Calgary offers up big holiday experiences in an unforgettable setting.

Things to See & Do in Calgary

Things to See & Do from Calgary

Closest Ski Resorts to Calgary

Edmonton - More than just a shopping mall!

Yes Edmonton has a shopping mall - a really big shopping mall - so big in fact it has a waterpark inside, a roller coaster, a submarine ride, and ice rink... It's a really big shopping mall! And you'd have a big shopping mall too if you had a long, cold winter that could peal your face right off. Fortunately there's a summer in Edmonton too, lovely riverside parks and the wonderful rocky mountains not too far away.

Things to See & Do in Edmonton

Closest Ski Resort to Edmonton

Vancouver - Travel to the Beautiful West Coast

Nestled between the mighty Pacific Ocean and the stunning, snow-capped Canadian Rockies, Vancouver is a jewel for holiday travellers wanting to answer the call of the wild. From Grizzly Bears to Killer Whales, Vancouver is surrounded by exotic wildlife and stunning vistas. Journey to the Vancouver, British Columbia and discover Canada's wild side!

Things to See & Do in Vancouver

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