Discover Qantas' Modern Fleet of Aircraft

Qantas and its subsidiaries operate over 220 aircraft, which includes over 30 aircraft by Jetstar Airways and over 50 by the various QantasLink brands. The fleet comprises of Boeing 747s, 767s, 737s and 717s. The group also operates Airbus A330s and A320s along with Bombardier Dash 8s and Q400s.

Qantas Flights to LA on Airbus A380 Superjumbo!

Qantas is to become the proud owner of a fleet of Airbus A380 super jumbos, all of which will be configured with the new Premium Economy cabin. The new A380 will be used on the Melbourne to Los Angeles route, with a view to making the non-stop Melbourne-LAX flight more attractive than main rival United. That route will become even more competitive when V Australia's 777 commence their service out of Sydney at the end of 2008.

Room to spare on a Qantas Boeing 747

When boarding a longhaul Qantas flight, you are most likely to board a Boeing 747. The 747-300s are the older version, and tend to service the international routes that do not require extra range, such as the route from Melbourne to the US via Auckland. The 747-400s fly the long haul routes with a range of 6000 miles. The introduction of this aircraft enabled Qantas to cut out the Middle East or Indian stop-over from its European routes and keep only one stop-over in South-East Asia.

With the advent of Airbus' massive A380 jet and Boeing's upcoming 787 Dreamliner longhaul planes, 747's are expected to be phased out from Qantas' fleet. But that day is still a ways away for this distinctive super jumbo pioneer.

Airbus A330's replacing Boeing 767's on Qantas Domestic Flights

Qantas logo on plane tailThere are 25 767s in the Qantas fleet. The 767-200 seats 205 and is used on long domestic routes, although they will soon be phased out. The 767-300 seats 253 and service the international routes such as Perth to Singapore. These older aircraft are steadily being replaced by A330s

Qantas has four A330-200s and seven A330-300. The A330 is a two engined version of the four engined twin isle wide body A340. The A330-300s do the shorter international runs, while the A330-200s are being withdrawn for the new Jetstar international services.

Short hops to your next Pacific island holiday on a Qantas 737?

Qantas fly both the ageing 737-400 and the brand new 737-800 types. The 737-400 tends to be used for short hops, while 737-800s are used on the long route from Perth to Brisbane and on some routes to islands in the Pacific.

Great views on small hops to Canberra and Darwin

The Qantaslink BAE146 is an attractive plane, with its unique overwing formation which means every seat has an unequalled view of the ground. These aircraft are used on internal flights to smaller airfields, such as Canberra and Darwin.

The 32 Dash 8 aircraft in the Qantas fleet are overwing prop planes that also give a great view of the ground but are noisier and less roomy, particularly for carry-on luggage.

Qantas InflightA quiet flight everytime aboard Qantas' 717

The 717 was originally developed by Mcdonald Douglas. When Boeing took over, it was the only one that the company continued to develop. The rear engines mean they are quiet in flight. Most of the fleet of 14 are flying for Jetstar.

The Airbus A320 - Jetstar's work horse!

The Airbus A320 is the workhorse of Jetstar's domestic fleet. There are 24 of the standard Airbus A320-200, all in a 3+3 layout which can carry 177 passengers.

Qantas maintains this extensive fleet, and its global reputation for operational excellence and safety, with one of the largest aircraft engineering and maintenance operations in the Asia Pacific region. Qantas also undertakes engineering, pilot and cabin crew training for customer airlines.

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