Jetstar Asia

Jeststar Asia is one of many successful low cost carriers operating in Asia. The airline is an offshoot of parent company Jetstar Airways, a subsidiary of Qantas.

Jetstar Asia's first took to the skies in 2004, and offers flights to major Asian destinations including Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.


Jetstar Asia has an impressive number of awards under its belt, receiving 'Top 10 Airlines by Passenger Carriage' at the Changi Airline Awards for 6 consecutive years, and also received  the 'AsiaOne People's Choice Award for best Budget Airline' in 2010.


The Jetstar Asia fleet consists of 16 A320-200s and 2 A330-200s.

Food and beverage

All passengers flying with Jetstar Asia may purchase refreshments on board. Passengers can choose from a range of hot and cold beverages and meals. Meal options range from sandwiches to  popular South East Asian dishes like Thai Green Chicken Curry and Nasi Lemak.