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Stopover, Multi City and Land & Leave Flights

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About Stopovers

Webjet now gives you the option of adding a stopover on flights to the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and North America. A stopover is a great way to break up your flight, not to mention the added bonus of visiting another destination on the way.
Melbourne - Asia - LondonAnd it's not as expensive as you'd think!

Depending on the airline and destination, your flight could include a stopover in: Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Nadi, Papeete, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo or Vancouver.

How to search for stopover flights:

  • Do a normal return/one way flight search, choosing destination London
  • Select a flight that displays Add Stopover and click this button. (Hint: hold your mouse over icon to see stopover city which varies for each airline)
  • In the next screen, fill in the dates you wish to arrive and depart, depending on how long you wish to stay at each destination and Webjet will check the availability for you

More stopover routes will be added soon, and we will keep you up to date on this.

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About Multi City Flights

Multi City FlightsWebjet's Multi City feature allows you to easily create a complex itinerary containing many destinations on one easy to use screen. You can build your own flight itinerary that suits your travel plans!

How to Search for Multi City Flights:

  • Select Multistop/city in the flight search screen
  • Fill in the cities and dates you wish to travel and Webjet will check the availability for you. (Note: maximum of six flights permitted)

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About Land & Leave Flights

Land & LeaveLand & Leave Flights, also known as Open Jaw, provides travellers with great flexibility. Land & Leave flights are regularly used by people wanting to tour a region. It is up to you how you carry out the journey between flights. E.g. Fly to London, drive to Edinburgh, and fly back home.

How to Search for Land & Leave Flights:

  • Select Multistop/cityin the flight search screen
  • Then, fill in the cities and dates you wish to travel and Webjet will check the availability for you

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